Wednesday, 20 July 2011

men are from mars, women are from venus

hye sy nk kongsi stu buku dgn u all..
"men are from mars, women are from venus" by john gray
pelik an topic die...
buku ni actly dh lme publish..
01/08/1993 xslah sy....
and one of best saller...
so rsenye klu pminat buku mst dh thu buku nie..

snang cte a superb guide for understnding male-female relationship..
actly sy dpt thu book ni pon dr mmber sy kt mlysia..
die yg suh sy crik an...

actly this book lebeyh ke arah pnduan anda ktika d dalm ssbuah hbngan..
like a prctical guide for improving cpmmunication and getting what u want in your relationship.
so dr sni kte dpt pelajari cre2 yg btol bg ssbuah hbngan yg baek...

nk crik buku ni pon agk pyah jgk...
dkat adelaide,sy jmpe kt kdai buku2 lama..
mmg kdai ni org tknal ngan buku2 lama and secondhand pggil old school...
ni alamt kdai die..spe2 dtg adelaide aust..sggah la..
Adelaide Booksellers at 12 Twin Street, Adelaide.

harga die plak 18.00 AUD
korang try laa crik kt mlysia..
srius sngt mmbntu utk rltion anda..
antra topic yg best dlm buku ini..
-women are like waves
-men are like rubber band
-how to avoid arguments
-keeping the magic of love alive

total smua ad 13 topic..smuanye intrsting....
so i hope sy dh kgsi an sstu yg best tok anda...

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